Annual Stem Lecture

On Wednesday 2nd November some very lucky Y8, 9 and 10 students got the opportunity to attend the annual STEM lecture at Hartlepool Borough Hall delivered by Lord Professor Robert Winston.  Over 30 School and Colleges attended the lecture to hear about his work on gynealogical surgical techniques that improved fertility treatments, allowed embryos to be screened for genetic diseases and his research project.  Max Wilson from Year 9 even had the opportunity to ask Lord Winston a question during a questions and answer session.

What the lecture was about:
When we went to the lecture, it was jam packed with up to 250 spectators – 30 primary and secondary, 5 further education and 22 companies. Professor Winston told us about a woman who had a very tragic story. Her child was diagnosed with a genetic disease, which caused the child to go blind, deaf and types of paralysis. Sadly the child died. So, Professor Winston went through blood, sweat and tears to find an irregularity in the child’s genetic structure. It took 5 years to fix the genetic structure, eventually the mother was given two healthy baby girls.
(Written by Max, Rachael, Ella and Hayley in Year 9)

Our opinions of the lecture

“It was a very inspirational lecture”.
“The lecture linked to our lessons and the outside world; it informed us of the practical applications of the theory we had just learnt”
“I thought that it was interesting and it helped clarify the information I learned in lessons”
“The lecture brought up lots of ethical debates which made us think about our opinions on them and gave us more information to strengthen our opinions”