Ben Chops His Locks for Charity

Year 9 Northfield student, Ben Blakelock has been growing his hair for 7 years, with only the occasional trimming of split ends, starting when he was three. Yesterday he cut it all off in the aid of an amazing charity called 'The Little Princess Trust'. This wonderful charity strives to help the lives of children and young people who have lost their hair through cancer treatment or other conditions.

Hair loss can affect a person both mentally as well as physically and can be particularly traumatic in young people. The aim of this charity is to help those children and young people affected by hair loss conditions, by helping to boost their confidence with the aid of fitted, real hair wigs produced with donated hair, free of charge.

Staff and students have been showing their support to Ben through sponsorship and purchasing raffle tickets, with the chance to win the job of cutting off Ben’s hair! Fellow Year 9 student, Mikey, bought the winning ticket and is seen in our video enjoying his prize of cutting off Ben’s ponytail, which will be donated to ‘The Little Princess Trust’.

Ben hopes his donation will go some way to helping boost the self-esteem of someone currently struggling with hair loss, and any money raised will help the 'The Little Princess Trust' continue to fund their invaluable work in providing free real hair wigs and funding research into childhood cancers.

Thank you to those who have shown their support towards this amazing charity that helps so many children and young people and in showing Ben support in his endeavour.