Design and Technology Success for Caitlin

Caitlin in Year 8 has worked hard this term to overcome her vision impairment in Design and Technology. The class have been producing a mood light of their own design.

After several design ideas Caitlin settled for a heart design and sketched her design on paper. This was then reproduced using CAD software and printed on acrylic using a laser cutter. Caitlin then used various skills and techniques to produce the base and circuit board for the LED light. Caitlin was over the moon with the final result. "Although I needed a little support with the soldering and other fiddly bits on the circuit board I really enjoyed working on this project independently. I'm really happy with my mood light and have already taken it home to show my family!"

Caitlin used an I-pad to access some of the finer details such as the circuit board and used all of the tools and machines at each stage of the process.

Caitlin also made fantastic progress in Food Technology earlier this year and is already looking forward to the next Technology project.