Director of MIMA Gallery in Middlesbrough Visits Northfield School

How can art be useful? This was the big question put to many of our students when Alistair Hudson, Director of MIMA gallery in Middlesbrough, paid Northfield a visit on Tuesday 16th January. Alistair contributes to the Speakers for Schools programme where leaders in their field or industry give free school talks to share unique insights, spark inspiration and create exciting conversations for students.

In the week leading up to Alistairs' visit, year 9 and 10 art students had been puzzling over the question of how art could be more useful and be of greater benefit to society, especially in more difficult times. All students prepared questions for our guest speaker and were interested to hear his unusual and alternative approach to how museums and galleries should be used for the greater benefit of society. They were shown examples of art exhibitions and community projects which could help develop greater social cohesion and understanding of differences. The main focus was on how local people could become more involved in deciding what is exhibited and of importance to them. The talk was extremely engaging and opened up many more questions about arts place in the world and the positive influence it has on our well being, communities and sense of identity. Many students commented on their wish to visit MIMA more often and hopefully continue some of the conversations Alistair's talk inspired!