Expedition to Northern Iceland 2018

This summer 4 Year 10 Northfield Students, Codie, Mia, Decland and Kai, returned from a grueling 3 week wild camping expedition in Northern Iceland.  Following 26 hours of travelling, 2 teams involving 4 schools from around the country made the 1 hour hike into Swartakot to set up base-camp. From here the teams set off in different directions to explore the surrounding wilderness.

Over the 3 weeks the teams met 3 overall objectives to reach some truly wild and spectacular landmarks. Sights included the incredible Aldeyjarfoss Waterfalls snd Selanjafyel - a table top volcano and the rim of the mighty Aksja Caldera. The teams hiked daily though difficult terrain including cold river crossings, dry lava fields and Europe's largest desert.

There were ups and downs along the way, particularly when faced with carrying heavy packs, wet weather, ration packs and a memorable 48 hour sandstorm across the dry lava fields that left the base-camp destroyed.

The students overcame the challenges faced when surviving in the wilderness. River water was used for drinking, washing and cooking as the teams wild-camped in remote spots each night with no access to toilets or other amenities.

The experience developed each student's life skills including camp-craft, confidence, team-work, decision-making and leadership skills.

There were no regrets and after 3 weeks students were delighted to finally reach civilisation and an official camp-site with running water and showers before flying home to be reunited with family and friends.

The expedition was a once in a life-time experience and provided endless memories for our 4 brave students.