Famous Authors Visit Northfield School

During November, Northfield School was visited by two famous authors.

Paul Cookson visited our Year 8 students and demonstrated his love of poetry through a very entertaining performance.

Paul is the official poet in residence for the National Football Museum. He is also Poet Laureate for Slade. During his time as poet in residence for the magazine Literacy Time Plus he wrote poems for teachers' resources.

With over sixty titles to his name, Paul has sold well over three quarters of a million books since he began work as a poet in 1989, and his poems appear in over two hundred other books.

He is the only poet to win the National Reading Hero Award, which he received at 10 Downing Street.

His work has taken him all over the world - including visits to Argentina, Uganda, Malaysia, Singapore and Beijing and he has featured on Match of The Day, Radio 5 Live, Radio 2, The World Service, CBBC, Sky Sports, Talksport Radio, in The Everton match day programme and The Sun newspaper.

Paul visited Northfield School Library on Thursday 17th November as part of the Northern Children’s Book Festival and entertained Year 8 students with a selection of humorous stories, poems and songs. Students laughed along at his funny poems and joined in with some audience participation. Students also got the opportunity to meet Paul and have him sign their books.

However, the fun didn’t stop there, as the following day, our Year 7 students had the chance of experiencing another professional Author, Gareth P Jones (again in conjunction with The Northern Children’s Book Festival).

Due to the high number of Gareth’s with the surname Jones, Gareth P Jones decided to slot a P into his name. Ask him nicely and he will tell you what it stands for, but he does politely ask that you refrain from taking the P out of his name. As well as writing biographies about himself, Gareth is the author of 28 books for children of all ages. Some of them have won awards. Some have not. His latest series is The Adventures of The Steampunk Pirates. His latest standalone MG book is Death or Ice Cream? And his most recent picture book is Are You the Pirate Captain? (Illustrated by Garry Parsons).

October 2016 sees the publication of The Thornthwaite Betrayal, a sequel to his book The Thornthwaite Inheritance, which was published in 2009.

Gareth visited Northfield Library on Friday 18th November and entertained Year 7 with a lively interactive event which included songs, original stories, readings, jokes, writing advice, silly props and unbridled energy.

Thank you to both authors for providing an entertaining afternoon and showing our students how exciting and imaginative writing can be.