Leeds University Physics Day

On Wednesday 18th December, 30 year 7 and 8 students travelled to Leeds University to take part in the Connect Physics day. Whilst there, students were shown the wide reaching possibilities a degree in physics can give them as well as showing that anybody can do physics.

When we arrived, students were given a talk all about soft matter. Students learnt what the definition for soft matter is and looked at the strength needed to stretch different objects. The talk then explained the properties behind the elasticity of an elastic band with a demonstration including one of our own students.

After the talk, students had a series of workshops, with the first looking at how physics connects to everyday life. In the style of the game show ‘Only Connect’, students had to group physics terms together and find the link, as well as link two separate words like pencil and fire engine with physics terms. The competition was fun and all students became very competitive wanting to share their links.

In the afternoon, we took on the challenge to discover how the ‘mystery tube’ works. Students initially investigated the tube and designed what they thought were the internal mechanisms then were given equipment to investigate their ideas. Three of our groups managed to recreate the mystery tube, all in different ways, highlighting the workings of the scientific method at degree level, as well as showing students there can be multiple ways to come to the same conclusion.

The final session of the afternoon looked at recruitment for specific roles and highlighted that a physics degree can lead to many opportunities; from this, some students even said they would consider doing a physics degree.