Medicine and Dentistry day – Newcastle Medical School Thursday 15th June 2017

Ten year 9 students with the desire to study Medicine and Dentistry, got the fantastic opportunity to attend a Medicine and Dentistry day at Newcastle Medical School. Students had to write a letter of application explaining why they want to study medicine or dentistry before gaining a place at the event reflecting the competitiveness of the 2 careers.

On the day students got to explore the exciting world of both Medicine and Dentistry, taking part in interactive lectures and clinical skills labs. Highlights included carving out a tooth using wax, applying a plaster cast, and using an ultrasound to view the body under the skin.

The whole day helped raise awareness and aspirations of the students, allowing them to find out more about the careers that they intend follow in the future.

It was an amazing day!

The whole day was an eye opening experience.

I especially benefited from speaking to an orthopedic surgeon as this is the career that I intend to have in the future.