National Panathlon Leaders

On Thursday 16th June year 9 students Lucy, Max and Steph were leaders at the National Panathlon finals held at the Copperbox Arena in London. This event focuses on specially adapted events for children with various degrees of disability. They were selected for this event due to their excellent leadership skills with disabled children which they had shown in a previous regional event held in May.

The London event saw around 30 leaders selected from over 1500 who had taken part in smaller events throughout the year. Max, Lucy & Steph were recognised for being some of the ‘best of the best’ leaders this year in Panathlon events by the organisers themselves.

This was an amazing opportunity which they all thoroughly enjoyed and gained a lot from. They all agreed that the atmosphere of the event was inspiring, as was seeing the pure joy and elation on every child’s face when they competed. They all hope that they can continue to be involved in this event in the future.