National Poetry Day 2017

National Poetry Day was celebrated in Northfield School Library on Thursday 28th September with a ‘Poetry Read’ at lunchtime. The theme this year was ‘Freedom’ and a number of our students who are members of the ‘Library Café’ and ‘Year 9 Reading Group’ wrote their own poems to read out at the event. Members of staff along with students from all year groups joined in sharing their favourite poems.

National Poetry Day is all about enjoying, discovering and sharing poetry. Whoever you are, and whatever your reading tastes, there will be a poetry book for you to enjoy in Northfield Library & Resource Centre.

This poem was written by Charlotte & Ellie (pictured):

Freedom, what is freedom?
Is it being locked up, beaten or second class citizens?
What is freedom?
Is it being pushed, shoved, kicked in the head?
Freedom show yourself.
Is freedom only in dreams?
A place where you can fly as high as the birds?
“I have a dream” a person once said
Who changed the lives of many
And gave his only life to make others’ right
So what is freedom?
A human right, a legacy that comes with life,
So why do we fight for it?
What are we supposed to do for it?