Northfield Skiing Adventure in the Alp d'Heuz

4am on a Saturday morning isn't usually a busy time in the car park of Northfield School. However, on the morning of Saturday 21st of January, the car park was filled with 31 excited students, 31 suitcases and 31 sets of parents saying their goodbyes. Alp d'Huez in France was our destination; aptly named the 'sunshine island' due to the 300 days of sunshine they get every year. After a coach journey to the airport, a flight and a perilous ascent in the coach up the mountain (which is, incidentally, part of the Tour de France) we arrived at the hotel ready to be fitted with our skis and helmets, ready for the first day on the slopes the next day.

On the Sunday, students began their ski lessons with plenty of hilarious falls and a few doubts as to their skiing ability. However, after a day or so of lessons all students picked up the basics, and themselves back up off the snow, ready to start again. All students built up their confidence and, by the end of the trip, some students even succeeded in skiing one of the resort's longest blue runs. Faye even managed to drop her ski pole from the chair lift... soon to be usurped by Millie dropping her actual ski from the lift! All students achieved at least Level 1 in ski proficiency, with many students achieving Level 2.

The evening activities were thoroughly enjoyed by all, from epic snowball fights, to bum boarding, in-vertigo, ice laser and ice skating, all students had plenty to challenge themselves. Particularly popular were ice laser, where students played laser tag around huge ice fortresses and in-vertigo, which can only be described as a soft play area hanging 30 feet from the ground! Students really overcame their fear of heights and helped each other.

At the end of the week, Miss Leighton's group won the overall team of the week and various individual prizes were handed out, such as: Abby the bum boarder of the week; Eddie best male skier of the week; Jess uno queen of the week; Jonathon wounded soldier of the week and Luke gentleman of the week. Mr Crofts, Mrs Leighton and Miss Kirkbride were pleased with the behaviour of all students and their resilience in learning to succeed in such a technically difficult sport.

A huge well done to all students and staff involved.

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