Northfield’s Skiing Trip 2018

Very early on Saturday morning (I mean VERY early, like three o’clock in the morning) we found ourselves outside of school. The reason? We were going skiing in Alpe d’Huez. Thirty-two school students and three teachers made their way towards Newcastle airport, catching the early flight to Geneva. Excitement grew as we drove through Switzerland and the rugged mountains of France. After this interesting yet long journey, we reached our final destination: La Vallee Blanche Hotel, Alpe d’Huez. The extensive travelling left most of us tired, so we spent the rest of Saturday unpacking, getting settled in and that left an hour to take a look around the surrounding village. With lights out at ten o’clock, we went to bed with a nervous excitement for the following day’s skiing session.

The next morning saw many tired yet eager faces as we ate our breakfast and prepared to go out. After taking a ski lift up to the slopes (an adventure in itself) we were split off into groups. The top group was for people who had been skiing before and the other two were for those of us who were inexperienced. At the end of that day, we had learnt how to stay standing up on our skis to say the least! But that wasn’t the end of it! After dinner we wrapped up warm against the cold and went to Invertigo, a floating obstacle course where you could bounce and jump about on the nets and padded objects.

The days went by, with people going from skiing strength to strength, the snow getting more magical by the day, and filling our evening with awesome activities such as: Swimming in an outdoor heated swimming pool as the sun set over the mountains, laser quest in dunes of snow and ice, bum boarding, ice skating under string lights and a disco in the basement of the hotel. On the last night we had a daft observational quiz and free hot chocolate in the restaurant, which ended our evening spectaculars with a flourish. By the end of the week, everyone was a confident skier- all thanks to our amazing instructors (who we all treated with special presents from the group) that taught us brilliantly, an made the trip one to remember.

Overall, this magical holiday was one of the best ever that I have ever been on! It was a once in a lifetime experience that I think everyone who went on it thoroughly enjoyed!