Primary STEM Event

On Tuesday 24th April, Northfield School hosted a Primary STEM event for Y6 students from local primary schools. The schools that attended were Petland Primary School, Roseberry Primary School, Wolviston Primary School, Oakdene Primary School, Billingham South Primary School, The Glebe Primary School and St Joseph’s Primary school. The event was designed to give Y6 students a taster of STEM activities and also help to ease transition into Northfield School in September.

Students looked at the new Y7 build and took part in two different activities during the day; a forensics murder investigation and a model rocket workshop. The activities were led by Northfield's STEM mentors and peer supporters.

During the forensics murder investigation students were required to solve a murder mystery where they were given information of a case, character statements from 6 suspects and evidence. Evidence involved analysis of hair fibres and fingerprints, identifying blood types, conducting flame tests and measuring maggots! After gathering evidence students had to work as a team to identify the killer from their six suspects and justify their reasoning. This activity helped students understand the importance of evidence in a case and how easy it was to jump to conclusions without having evidence to back it up.

Students also took part in a model rocket workshop. The workshop involved students being creative, designing their own rocket and using tonal shading skills to enhance their work. The rockets were then manufactured by rolling them to a specific size and the flights and a nose cone had to be securely added. On the afternoon despite the rain, all students got to launch their rockets on the field.

Overall, the day was a huge success, with several students saying that they had an “amazing time” another student said “I wish I could come to Northfield school tomorrow!”

Well done to the STEM mentors and peer supporters who were a credit to the school.