Sports Leaders Events

Primary Schools Football Finals

On the afternoon of Monday 4th February, the primary school football finals took place at Northfield School. With the help of our sports leaders refereeing the games, it was an enjoyable afternoon for everyone.

Well done to all the teams that competed and for trying their absolute best. All teams showed respect to us as sports leaders and the opposition teams. The final went all the way to penalties; very exciting!

Once again, this event allowed us, as leaders, to demonstrate our leadership skills we have learnt and to keep the tournament running smoothly.
Article written by Josie

Early Years Sports Event

On Tuesday 5th February, some of Northfield’s dedicated sports leaders helped the Stockton School Sports Partnership run an early years sports event. This was the first time we were asked to lead an event for this age range of children and it was very exciting, rewarding and tiring!

It took place at Durham University Stockton Campus, and we even had Sport Bear come along and meet the children. The events the children took part in that we ran were things such as relays, parachute games, the shark game and many more activities aimed at developing core sports motor skills.

Well done to all the children who came and participated.

As sports leaders the benefits we got from the event were that we enhanced our social skills, particularly thinking about how we interacted and introduced the activities so that all the children knew what to do. It also helped to develop our organisational skills and patience!
Article written by Ben & Jessica