STEM club trip to EDF nuclear power station

On Monday 26th March, 29 STEM club students in Y7 & Y8 visited the EDF Nuclear Power Station in Hartlepool. Students got the exciting opportunity to see inside the Nuclear Power Station during a tour where they visited the turbine hall; home to two electromagnet generators, the cooling water pump house and the emergency garages. On the afternoon students took part in ‘Pretty curious’ workshop to challenge their perceptions of STEM and to be inspired to pursue STEM based careers. Students used ‘Littlebit’ components to bring ideas of future technology to life and presented it back to the group.

Staff at EDF were very impressed with student’s ideas and presentations and the best two presentations won prizes.

‘I really enjoyed the tour and getting to explore the visitors centre at the power station’

‘The best bit was finding out different ways that electricity is generated and then linking this to the future with my team’

‘The trip was super awesome and I found the turbines amazing as they were ginormous!’