STEM Power Station Visit

On Monday 14th November, 15 year 9 students visited the EDF Nuclear PowerStation in Hartlepool, and competed in a STEM challenge with other schools at an event hosted by My Kinda Future. Students got the exciting opportunity to see inside the Nuclear PowerStation during a tour where they visited the turbine hall; home to two electromagnet generators, the cooling water pump house and the emergency garages.  They learnt about the importance of safety and risk assessments at the nuclear plant as well as security involved in the day to day running of the place.

The tour helped bring education to life and was very insightful. Students got to learn more about the benefits of a career in STEM by speaking to various EDF workers and develop transferable skills required for any job.

“The best bit was seeing inside the turbine hall, it was very loud!”
“The STEM challenge was fun not boring, and helped improve our communication and networking skills
“The visit was different to most school trips and it was very easy to see the links to what you learn in the classroom and the real world”