STEM Week March 2019

STEM week took place in school this term to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths subjects and inspire students to consider STEM related careers in the future.

Events throughout the week included opportunities for different year groups to develop their STEM skills they included MFT activities, a visit from Zoo lab and the whole of Y7 taking part in a national competition ‘Race for the line’.

Race for the line

In Technology lessons this week Y7 students have been introduced to the Race for the line competition. The competition is intended to inspire tomorrow’s engineers and scientists with a national rocket car racing competition involving around 70,000 Year 7 students in England, Scotland and Wales.

In teams of four, students have started to manufacture their rocket cars, they have looked at coding a Micro bit which will be used as a timing gate on race day, design a team logo and explore aerodynamics and how this can be used to improve speed. Race day will take place in April with the fastest team going through to the Regional Finals that are held at RAF Leeming in May.

The Regional Finals will identify the top 40 teams from the 18,000 competing nationally who will be invited to the national finals to be held at RAF Wittering in June.

STEM club

Members of the schools STEM club took part in a full day of different activities to develop STEM skills, they included Rollercoaster building, bath bomb factory and making slime.


Students enjoyed creating their own slime by experimenting with different consistencies of PVA and a borax solution. This was a great opportunity for students to learn more about Chemistry and discuss the properties of polymers.

Roller coaster challenge

During the rollercoaster challenge students worked in teams to create model roller coasters using only materials provided such as cardboard, bottles and masking tape. Students used problem solving and engineering skills trying to create the tallest, fastest and most exciting roller coaster.

Bath bomb factory

In STEM club students have been designing bath bombs which were manufactured during STEM week. Students chose the colour and scent of their bath bomb and had to accurately measure out bicarbonate soda and citric acid in order to get the correct consistency.

Zoo Lab

Students became close to nature and got the chance to meet and interact with a variety of animals including a corn snake, a giant African land snail, a salamander, two domestic rats, Madagascar hissing cockroaches and a tarantula!

Zoo Lab creates an interest in Science, nature and learning. Rob, the zoo lab ranger, had lots of fantastic facts about the animals and helped some of our Y8 students overcome their fears during the visit.


In MFT, Students in year 7, 8, 9 and 10 carried out STEM related activities with the theme of journeys. Students were encouraged to consider their own life journey by looking at different career prospects related to STEM, discuss how long different materials took to degrade and the investigate the journey of technology over time.

KS3 science

In Science, lessons this week KS3 students have been completing different activities all based around the theme of journeys. This included a journey of evolution where students explored how humans evolved over millions of years, the journey of red blood cells linking in with GCSE content and the life cycle of a star. Y7 students also took part in a QR code hunt to learn about the journey of food throughout the body. This was a fantastic activity where students used technology to help develop their learning.