Year 10 Visit to Outward Bound Trust – Ullswater

A group of 11 students from Year 10 have just completed an action packed week of fun and adventure at The Outward Bound Trust in Ullswater. The visit arranged by Head of Year 10, Mr Jackson, saw the group undertake 5 days of outward bound activities in sweltering temperatures, from Monday 22nd May – Friday 26th May 2017.

The students, along with Mr Farnaby and Mr Crofts, arrived at the base in Ullswater at lunch time on Monday afternoon and were issued with an immediate task of unpacking and making their own beds. The group were then issued with a rucksack loaded with essential/emergency equipment and kit that was to remain our responsibility for the rest of the week.

Students were then kitted out with wetsuits and buoyancy aids and we were supervised to an area of the lake to enjoy some fun jumping from the rocks into safe areas of the water. 
Evening meal, then the hard work begins…
Once loaded up with our rucksacks we embarked on our second activity of the trip which was to climb a mountain overlooking Lake Ullswater, climbing approximately 600m.

Day 2 Tuesday saw the group undertake a full day of gorge walking.  This involved climbing approximately 300m up a waterfall in full waterproof kit and wellington boots.  Students were briefed on all aspects of safety, such as, the use of ropes and carabiners, spotting each other, and Roman handshake lifts when assisting climbers.  This was exhausting work in hot and humid temperatures, however, extreme fun and adventure!
After returning to base for de-brief and putting kit in drying rooms, we had our evening meal.  Afterwards the students headed down to the lakeside to build and sail their own raft from scratch and they managed an impressive 30 minutes sail time in the lake, displaying impressive teamwork, organisational, and communication skills.

Day 3 Wednesday was to be our expedition day and sleep over.  We were all issued with extra kit, bivvies, sleeping bags, ration pack food that included an evening meal boil in the bag all day breakfast for the next day, and snacks and hot chocolate drinks.  Students had a 5 hour trek to camp where we identified a suitable area to erect bivvies to sleep under, and general preparation of the camp area.  We enjoyed evening meals and a camp fire on the evening before retiring to pretty much sleeping under the stars.

Day 4 Thursday we woke to an all day breakfast and by way of a wake up call a 5m jump from a cliff edge into Lake Ullswater before canoeing 8 miles back to base.  Thursday evening saw the students have supervised fun jumping off the jetty into the lake.

Day 5 Friday we signed off and accounted for all kit used during the week.  We then visited Aira Force, a local Arboretum and waterfall and all students were issued with certificates by each other for their hard work during the week.

De-brief with course instructors followed with kind words from Mr Tony Martin-White who is the Operations Manager at The Outward Bound Trust.  Mr Martin-White commented that “students displayed collectively and individually, teamwork, leadership and resilience, empathy and compassion”.  Mr Martin-White continued to say, “Students are a credit to Mr Walker and Northfield School and I would welcome them back to Ullswater at any time”.