Year 7 Solar System Project

The Year 7 Science classes at Northfield have been looking beyond our skies and in to outer space to research and create the Solar System. They conducted investigations and worked collaboratively to examine everything within our own Solar System. Students discovered that it mainly consists of a hard vacuum containing a low density of particles, with electromagnetic radiation, magnetic fields, dust, neutrinos, and cosmic rays. From this they have planned their layout of the planets – with the specific goal to make a 3D map of the Solar System.

This was a student led project and literature was key to help start the research but emphasis was given to the new Oracy programme where small groups of students had to present their findings in a 5 minute presentation. Talking about specific planets, their environment and the planet profile to consider. Fact finding and delivery were fantastic and the students successfully set-up and ran the project and results themselves.

The presentation and project has helped students develop a professional approach to presenting their work to an audience. For the students to come and spend their own time on the development of the project and take ownership of their work was a big deal to them, so it’s been really great. They were really determined to make it a success.