Year 9 Well-Being Supporter Elliott offers some useful advice during Mental Health Awareness Week

How to stay positive during Lockdown

Take up a new hobby

During lockdown, it is easy to become bored. Taking up a new hobby can relieve you from the constant nervousness regarding COVID-19. A hobby can be anything ranging from gardening to baking cakes, as long as it makes you happy and relaxed.

Talk to family and friends

Obviously during lockdown our connection with family and friends has been loosened. But this doesn’t mean that we can’t talk to them, we can call them on either normal call or video call and talk to them from a distance. By doing this, you feel much better and much less alone.

Find something to celebrate

Recently it was VE day so I had a tea party inside, this not only helped me to relax but also it broke up my day as I wasn’t repeating everything that I did the day before.

Give yourself a project

During lockdown, we often feel like we haven’t got anything to do (besides schoolwork) or anything to look

forward to, but setting yourself a project gives you both something to keep yourself busy  and something to look forward too. Personally, I worked on clearing up my garden so I could sit and complete my school work there.

Watch or play something that you enjoy

During lockdown, watching a TV show that you enjoy not only makes you feel happier but allows you to temporarily forget what is going on in the world and helps you to relax. I have been watching my favourite Disney films to help me relax.

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