Stockton Schools Sport Partnership Tag Rugby Finals

The Stockton Schools Sport Partnership year 5 and year 6 Tag Rugby Finals took place on Wednesday 14th October 2015 at Billingham Rugby Club. There were 16 teams in total at the event with a total of 160 participants from all schools.

The 15 primary school teams that were involved were Fairfield, Whinstone, St. Josephs Norton, Frederick Natrass, Levendale A and B, Roseberry, Whitehouse, St. Patricks Fairfield, Hartburn, Priors Mill, St. Patricks Thornaby, Durham Lane, Crooksbarn, St. Johns and Thornaby Church of Engalnd. The event ran well with some entertaining matches being played by all the schools. Students displayed some great skills and amazing runs, scoring numerous tries and making it very exciting to watch.

After all the group fixtures there were two semi-finals. In one semi-final it was Roseberry v Whinstone, with Whinstone coming out as winners in extra time in an evenly contested match. In the other semi-final it was Durham Lane v Priors Mill, with Durham Lane coming out winners in a tightly fought match. The 3rd and 4th place play off was between Roseberry and Priors Mill, which saw Roseberry eventually finish 3rd overall. The final was between Durham Lane and Whinstone which saw the match finish in a draw so both schools were awarded first place and will go through to represent Stockton in the Tees Valley Finals at Middlesbrough College on Thursday 5th November.

A big thank you to Billingham Rugby Club for providing great referees and for allowing us to use their facilities.