Year 7 BAE systems STEM Roadshow “Are we connected?”

On Monday 7th October, BAE systems visited Northfield School to deliver their new roadshow to year 7 students.

The Roadshow was devised in response to the Government's acknowledgement that there is already a shortfall of ‘home grown’ scientists and engineers to meet the needs of the country and by capturing the interest of young people aged 10 – 13, we can hopefully increase the numbers that take STEM subjects and ultimately increase the pool of talent in years to come.

This years roadshow was titled “Are we connected?” and focused on communications and data. It covered areas such as; how mobile phones connect people around the world, how computers talk to each other and how we talk to our devices e.g. Bluetooth. Students were introduced to the real life application of some of the most recent communication technologies within BAE Systems, the RAF and the Royal Navy. They were also invited to participate in some of the demonstrations and problem-solving games.